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Bitcoin wallet. Types of Wallets.

If you intend to use in your life "digital currency" BTC - bitcoin, first of all you need a system for receiving, storing and subsequent operations. Most people, who are just starting to work with Bitcoin, usually set the first available wallet, that was recommended by payment system's heat exchanger, pool or colleagues from the forum. As it happens, wallet is set of fraud (fake) websites. Advice. If you do not want to deal with it, or there is a suspicion of fraud, then immediately go to the official system of bitcoin - Otherwise, you can download and put a programm on the scam. At first, not many people know about the existence of other types of highly reliable and functional. All major purses free! Before you begin to deal with the peculiarities of the wallet, we strongly recommend you to constantly take care of it. It is very modern and is protected by the possibility of "recovery", but it kept your money. You will be assigned a personal number - address. He actually is your account number. It is necessary to specify for the transfer of your Bitcoins. Click the "Get" and you will see it on the right. Wallets are available for most operating systems. For Linux, Android, Windows and Mac. You can install on your computer and your smartphone. The easiest and most reliable way to make a Bitcoin wallet - is to go to the official website and download the latest version of Bitcoin-Qt. Bitcoin-Qt. This is the main wallet from the developers of BTC. Secure and stable. Disadvantages: probably small functional and big volume. Moreover, the first synchronization may take a long time. Sometimes up to a day. MultiBit. Simple and small customer which is better to download from the official site Multilingual purse with fast synchronization. Bitcoin Armory. Reliable and Safer purse. A very good choice when it comes to large sums. The official website Bitcoin Wallet - official purse for Android. Supports QR codes and NFC. Can be downloaded from Google play. Suitable for Blackberry OS. But all the others do not cause complete trust, moreover, we do not want to hurt developers and enthusiasts. The reasons are sometimes not in the fraud and stability, and do not guarantee the performance of servers and software errors. Brief and mandatory tips to avoid trouble with your money: 1. Select only approved (tested), and the official websites. 2. Be sure to periodically and even more so be sure to first make a backup to other media, but not where it is located. Built-in functionality allows you to do this quickly and easily. 3. Be sure to immediately encrypt your wallet. Functionality allows you to do just this. Password you should not forget, and it must meet all the essential safety requirements. Do not duplicate it with other passwords of mail accounts on sites. You also need to know that if your computing device does not work purse, then you can run it on the other from a previously saved copy.