Grow up the Bitcoin tree and have a harvest!

From WordPress platform disappeared opportunity to pay in Bitcoin

World's most popular blog service WordPress removed Bitcoin from the permissible methods of payment.

Platform that supports more than 60 million sites, previously one of the first top companies, supported Bitcoin, when in November 2012 announced that it will accept digital currency for the use of premium options. Bitcoin was in the same list with PayPal and major operators of debit and credit cards. Now he mysteriously disappeared from the list. Plug-ins third-party developers who use Bitcoin, however, are still working.

Post that describes the benefits of digital currency, including the fact that "it works on open source software, like WordPress», now redirects to information about traditional methods of payment. Despite this disappearance, BitPay, which translates Bitcoin payments for WordPress in real currency, still indicates a platform among 50,000 of its partners on its website. In addition, the search plugin directory WordPress plugin returns 103 related to digital currency, including PayStand. Payment Cryptocurrency at Gravatar, when owned by Automattic, which is the parent company of WordPress, and is still working.

Some taking Bitcoin companies, reported little use of this option after the fall of the original interest - reported Coindesk. Overstock revised value of its sales from 10-15 million to $ 3 after slowing sales in 2014. Are these changes a result of falling sales Bitcoin WordPress, or a departure from a digital currency that is associated with other factors, remains unclear.