Grow up the Bitcoin tree and have a harvest!

An article in The Wall Street Journal raised the bitcoins rate

In the first March issue of The Wall Street Journal, we read an article about Bitcoin, now we see that its rate increased by 10%. Is this a coincidence?

Bitcoin course on Sunday kept the bar in the $ 245, and while after the start of the value of its sales WSJ has raised to more than $ 270.

The article itself was interesting in that it did not reflect the consensus and was represented by an anonymous author.

Bitcoin subject centerfold The Wall Street Journal suggests that this Cryptocurrency has already entered the financial community. It joins the masses, undergoing constant change and improvement. To date, tens of thousands of people working to improve the Bitcoin, creating new applications. And regardless of relationship to Cryptocurrency today, we can confidently say that it is better than six months, a year or two ago.

When was the last time Fiat money changed due to end-users? Why did not it? From a lack of technology or from intentional exposure to power?

Bitcoin does not matter who you are. It is for you, regardless of the policy, long-term investments or new information. Currency, commodity or technological breakthrough - all may be one. Potential signs very much, and the possibilities are endless. And it seems that few people understand it thanks to The Wall Street Journal.