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South American Facebook will pay Bitcoins users

The fast-growing Latin American social network Taringa starts to pay their users, that creating content, Bitcoin. This service may encourage widespread adoption of Bitcoin process in the region. There are 75 million unique users in Taringa that makes this social network to be on the second place after Facebook in the regional market.

Also, there is the model of remuneration for the distribution of advertising, similar to that implemented on YouTube. The system was developed in conjunction with Xapo, American provider of Bitcoin wallets.

Co-founder Turinga Hernan Botbol said that his firm would complement this existing model, in which the creation of popular content is encouraged that promotes the rapid development of the network. However, underdeveloped financial system in South America does not deliver quickly funds. Network credit cards are not wide enough, and banking system is not deep enough for the casual user, who receives money in the traditional form.

Agreement between Taringa and Xapo assumes that content creators will be able to use and share earned Bitcoins within the community. They will have an opportunity to send a small donation to each other, and very social network will facilitate the purchase of goods, starting with digital products such as video games.

Bitcoin enthusiasts hope that such projects will be able to accelerate the widespread adoption Cryptocurrency in the developing world.