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US federal agents admitted to exporting of $ 400 000 from Ross Ulbricht

Ex-employee of the agency in the US Department of Justice Force Karl Mark IV has agreed to plead guilty in the extortion of 400 000 from from the founder of the Silk Road.

Prosecutors in the case of the former agent, and his lawyer, Ivan Bates signed a petition for the appointment of the court session of July 1. At this meeting, the court will hear the confession of Charles Brand Force IV.

From court documents, it follows that the employee agency during the investigation into the Silk Road came into contact with Ross Ulbricht. Using the pseudonym "French maid", he contacted the coordinator of the Silk Road, and sold him information about the actions of federal agents. Karl Mark IV Force was able to get from Ulbricht $ 400 thousand, who settled in the accounts officer of the agency.

Carl Fors Mark IV - is not the first federal agent, who is recognized in abuses during the investigation Silk Road.