Grow up the Bitcoin tree and have a harvest!

Donation from Coinbase

Service Bitcoin wallets service Coinbase continues to fight for an increase in its market share. At this time, the company has introduced incentive payments to attract new customers. For a single person, everyboby can get $ 25.

The company announced the expansion of the referral program in a corporate blog:

"In order to receive a bonus of $ 25 (or € 25 or £ 25 depending on where you are), you must copy to your page special link. If someone clicks on your link and register for Coinbase within 90 days after the click, your actions will be recorded in our system. If that person buys cryptocurrencybitcoin in the amount of $ 100 or more, we will send your bitcoins to $ 25 as a donation. "

It can be interesting for Seo companies and Tech schools.

To get the money you need to remember your personal number. The official goal of the new campaign is an expansion bitcoin community.

"We hope that our users will be able to help the bitcoin economy" - the company says.

Coinbase is one of the leading service bitcoin wallets in the world. Today the company has about 2.3 million users and 3 million bitcoin wallets. The company, founded in June 2014, now collaborates with regional banks in 25 countries. Recently Coinbase reported attracting investment from venture capital fund Reinventure Group, funded by the Australian bank "big four» Westpac.

Earlier Coinbase launched Instant Exchange, the service automatically convert bitcoins in traditional currency. This tool allows you to make transactions cryptocurrency without depending on fluctuations in current exchange bitcoins. In late June Coinbase against the backdrop of the crisis in Greece resets commission when buying bitcoins per euro.