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Silk Road 3.0

Work at Silk Road 3.0, illegal online service to sell drugs - it is a matter of comparison of risk and reward, according to a senior official of the resource.

Ross Ulbricht condemnation to life imprisonment for the creation and management of the original Silk Road service came as a fear of many users of the "dark web" - the shadow of the world-wide network that is not indexed by search engines conventional, freely sold and where drugs, weapons, false documents and stolen credit card data.

After closing the resource Silk Road 2.0 and arrest its alleged owner Blake Bentall management of online service despite all profitability, it must have seemed pretty godforsaken thing.

Just like the mythical Hydra in place the severed head grow two new, after closing one drug site in its place there some new ones. Although initially work Silk Road 3.0 was under threat because of the rumors that this - the FBI false sites, is now a resource has more than 100 000 users, who buy and sell any imaginable drugs. At the time of publication of the article on the Web site had more than 1200 items, including drugs, fake passport details stolen credit card numbers and services of hackers.

"We have decided that we are destined to continue the begun business," - says Fezzik Silk Road. He called the arrest of Bentall and closing Silk Road 2.0 "a tragedy” and a life sentence Ulbricht - "horrible and inhuman."