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Secrets method how to attract referrals

What are referrals?

Referrals are Internet users who switch and recorded on projects by referral. Usually referral link is a web address with a unique user ID and has the form: http: // site / id, but not necessarily. Some sites may have more sophisticated referral links. Since information about the source of the transition to the site is also fixed, then learn on whose referral link registered user merely a technical matter. So uncomplicated way the site learns about who is actively engaging in the project referrals and who pay a well-earned bonus system.

Very often, the notion of referral meets the concept of the referrer. Referrer is a registered user of the site that actively attracts referrals. That is, if we talk quite simply, the referrer attracts referrals and referral registered by referral referrer. The most common referral link on the site (faucet) can be found in your account under "About referrals" or something like that, on the basis of personal considerations administration.

How to attract referrals? This question of how to attract referrals to the project on the basis of statistics, takes a lot of people trying to make money online. I'll try to help you in this matter. The majority of Internet users come up with a problem such as myself - "I did not get" or "No consent" is not even trying to attract anyone. If you try to learn how to attract referrals, then you get is not applicable.

The easiest, and most importantly free way - it's advertise on the bulletin board. To do this, you need only drive in the search box something like "free classified ads" and click on the link from the search engine on the first page. It's not hard? Then, in the page that opens, enter the data of your ad title, ad text, and a referral link that will register your referrals, to load some photos on the topic, contact details and specify where to place it. Referral link you can copy from your personal account on the site to which you want to attract referrals. The ad should be written, if possible, the whole truth (on postal service is really possible to earn more than 100 rubles a day, if you work, of course), because the news spread on the Internet very quickly.

According to this announcement will be coming to you 1-3 per person per day - it depends on many factors: attendance boards, an area where posted ads, text and so on. Of course it is possible and necessary to advertise, not only on one board. This will increase attendance and you will be able to attract more referrals. Sample ads, if you can not think of yourself can be copied from the Internet, it's full of them. The higher is your rating, the greater the percentage of the bonus.