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Barry Silbert predicted rise Bitcoin rate

The head of Digital Currency Group Barry Silbert at a recent event dedicated bitcoin investments in California, made a presentation, which presented his views on the development of cryptocurrency bitcoin in 2016.

According to him, in the future, the price of Bitcoin "will definitely increase," Silbert also made several statements that will touch bitcoin industry in 2016:

-Themes Bitcoin as a means of savings will be resumed,

-Increase Prices will make "flywheel effect"

-Wall Street will sell bitcoin,

-International payments and transfers using Bitcoin become competitive,

-Cryptocurrency popularity in Brazil, China and the Middle East will grow,

-Progress in private blockchains for financial markets will be slow,

-31 December 2016 the bitcoin price will be higher.

Note that, Barry Silbert has repeatedly speculated about bitcoin prices. The last time it was on the Inside Bitcoin conference in April of this year, New York: Then Silbert said that the price will be either $ 0 or much higher than the current cost.

Another interesting suggestion bitcoin expressed editorialist Zero Hedge, working under the pseudonym Tyler Durden. He suggested that because of concerns relating to the possible introduction of capital controls in China, there can be an unprecedented jump in prices Bitcoin:

"If hundreds millions Chinese people decide that it is time to use bitcoin to avoid the consequences of the introduction of capital controls, and invest at least a small portion of the $ 22 trillion of their savings in the cryptocurrency, we will see how we are witnessing the second coming of Bitcoin, against which all previous high cost of digital currency will seem insignificant. "

Silbert, like many other bitcoin enthusiasts still adheres fairly optimistic point of view regarding the potential bitcoin as investment funds.