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Mavrodi is sure he can collapse Bitcoin

Mavrodi is cure he can collapse Bitcoin Текст: The founder of the MMM financial pyramid Sergei Mavrodi said that he could derail the Bitcoin course if refuses to use this cryptocurrency. He confirmed the Financial Times, that his projects actively use bitcoins.

Russia's Sergei Mavrodi, who was convicted of fraud, admitted that he is behind the sharp growth rate cryptocurrency bitcoin.

"If tomorrow I refuse to use bitcoin, it will collapse," - he said in an interview with the British business publication Financial Times.

The newspaper contacted the Mavrodi after its publication last week, which suggested that the sharp increase in rate caused by the actions of the participants Bitcoin MMM in China. The Russian sent to the Editor FT video confirming the identity of his personality.

In an interview with Mavrodi it was said that MMM China started its operations in April 2015, the scheme accepted bitcoins, but they are not alone. According to him, MMM Global will only accept bitcoins and brings investors a profit of 100% per month.

Mavrodi did not specify the number of project participants MMM. On the question of how much money is used in the operations of MMM China, he said that the volume of funds in the MMM Global comparable to the turnover of the global stock exchanges.

Mavrodi also said that he has no relations with any Russian or Chinese authorities. When asked where he was, Mavrodi said: "It is not in China."

MMM Company existed in the years 1989-1995. The participants were between 10 million to 15 million people. According to investigators, the damage caused by the actions of Mavrodi in 1993-95 amounted to 110 million rubles.

In 2003, Mavrodi was arrested on fraud charges. The victims in the case were more than 10 thousand.

At the beginning of 2010 to create projects Mavrodi MMM MMM-2011 and 2012, in connection with the activities of which were prosecuted for fraud.

In November 2014 the newspaper "Izvestia" wrote the American Charitable Foundation Bitcoin Foundation MMM Global excluded from among its sponsors. The press service of the fund Russian journalists said that this decision was taken after it became clear that the sponsor is a pyramid scheme.

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