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Grow up the Bitcoin tree and have a harvest!

Europol is looking for a Bitcoin-transactions specialist

The Police Service of the European Union placed on its website ad for a junior employee with skills tracking Bitcoin transactions.

As stated in the text of the job, a new specialist is required for the project "collecting and analyzing open-source" with the support of Europol will have to start work in February next year.

Among the main requirements for the candidates is «a basic understanding of monitoring and binding Bitcoin transactions, as well as an obvious interest in blockchain technologies", as they must "know how to work encryption and anonym tools, illegally used by criminals."

The winning candidate will be a competition to work in the organization's headquarters in The Hague. Part of his job will be to participate in the preparation of quarterly reports on the "new trends, threats and schemes" in the world of cybercrime, and will focus on encryption and anonymization.

From the announcement it is clear that Europol considers the Bitcoin transactions as a form of "Open-Source" intelligence, that is, the method of intelligence gathering and analysis on the basis of a wide range of information accessible to the public data as it determines the FBI.

The successful candidate will be interviewed to obtain support from a specialist in this exploration. Recall that in the September report, Europol stated that about 40% of payments between cybercriminals is made by Bitcoin.