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Grow up the Bitcoin tree and have a harvest!

The BitFury told about the changes in the project bulbs for mining bitcoins

BitFury mining company announced progress in the development of the prototype announced earlier bitcoin device for the Internet.

The original prototype of a light bulb that can be mining bitcoins, was presented last summer at a conference Blockchain Incredible Party in Odessa. At that time, the project BitFury positioned as a device that will help to better understand the Bitcoin technology, and provide developers with a platform for experiments.

As the head of the BitFury Department of product Management Nico Puning, a vision of "a portable bitcoin mining device" since then has not changed; however, the device has undergone numerous improvements.

"We have a working prototype of the device under the working title 'MicroMiner', which is equipped with a chip Wi-Fi and a chip for mining bitcoins. It can be used as a starting point for any IoT-device with a built-in capability of mining ", - quotes Punina.

Nico Puning added that the device code is open to the community, even though the device will be launched, perhaps under a different name. The company plans to equip the device by mining chip 16 nm, and there can be expected other updates.