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The convicted person is arrested on the case of Silk Road

A former US Secret Service agent Sean Bridges, who was sentenced to a prison term to 71 months for money laundering and obstruction of justice, was arrested on 28 January. The authorities were afraid that he was going to leave the country.

It was assumed that Bridges will come on Friday and will begin serving his term, but instead he was arrested the day before, on Thursday. During the arrest, the evidence was found to prove that the former agent was going to run, according to court documents released on the same day.

List of evidence states:

"Identity cards; The passport card in the name of Bridges (document for land or sea entry into the United States from certain countries - CoinFox); notarized copy of the passport; Corporate records for at least three offshore company in Nevis, Mauritius and Belize; mobile phone "Samsung"; flash drive. In addition, documents were found associated with the attempts of his wife, Ariana Esposito, get the citizenship of another country. Government agents also found Apple computer serial number has been defaced, iPad, tucked between the mattresses, and vests, of which at least one had marked the Secret Service and, therefore, was apparently stolen from the authorities. "

After his arrest, Bridges asked to release him from detention so he could come to prison voluntarily. But the request was denied, so he remained in pre-trial detention US Marshals Service awaiting transfer to prison.

Bridges was sentenced to 71 months' imprisonment on Dec. 7, 2015, after he pleaded guilty in August. His prison sentence was to begin on January 29. Together with his sidekick Carl Fors Mark IV Bridges took office as a member of Task Force assigned to investigate the activities of the illegal site Silk Road.