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Charlie Shrem received 2 years in prison

US authorities have tightened rules on Cryptocurrency using - at least in terms of their use in illegal activities. Few days ago, the former vice president of Bitcoin Foundation and CEO Charlie Shrem BitInstant received 2 years in prison for assistance in buying Bitcoins to one of the dealers 'black market', who sold them, including drug addicts to buy drugs at the Silk Road. The prosecutor's office initially demanded for Shrem 5 years in prison, but in the end he made a deal with the police officers pleaded guilty in exchange for a term reduced. Protection requested the court to appoint a suspended sentence, but it did not help - the judge ordered two years in prison. Almost the same times two years in prison got people caught selling drugs for the first time so there is a strange feeling that American justice is now no difference between selling drugs and selling Bitcoins those who can later resell them to those who buy drugs. Tightening of US law enforcement position with respect to the Bitcoin (besides the sensational case Shrema, a similar accusation to Bitcoins Seller was in Florida), along with numerous attempts to regulate Bitcoin company may be the real reason that investors are afraid now to invest additional funds in Cryptocurrency by According to crypto-traders.