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Сanadian can pay credit cards bills using Cryptocurrency

Canada business start-up announced a new service that allows local users to pay credit cards bills using Cryptocurrency. "This idea came from a simple question: why I cannot use Bitcoins to pay the credit card bill?" - says Ramon Darwin, the founder of the service, "Yes Bitcoin!" "The technology has been already running, so why we should wait when banks will understand it?" According to the announcement of launching the service, now Canadians are able to pay Bitcoin for all credit card accounts of any bank in Canada, including 4 types of cards «American Express», 23 types of cards "MasterCard" and also 33 different types of cards from VISA. Bitcoin payments has already engaged in BitPay service, while the "body" of the payment on the credit card account is paid by PC Financial Bank. - online service that provides services to the French-Canadian company Ideas To That Inc., which aims to offer practical services to make Bitcoins using for everyday transactions simplify. Ramon explains: "If you can spend bitcoins, they have value. My goal is to facilitate Bitcoin integration into existing traditional economy. " In June, the company announced its first product, a series of "gift cards" for leading brands such as Zara, Starbucks and Apple, which easily can be purchased for Bitcoins. In late July, the airline Air Canada has been added to the list of companies that allow users to buy a gift card using Cryptocurrency. The trend cannot be stopped.