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The trial of William Ross Ulbricht will be held on January, 13 in New York.

The man who is accused of creating a Silk Road - black market, which was considered as a ground for criminal activities, today will be judged.

The trial of William Ross Ulbricht will be held on January, 13 in New York. He is accused of many crimes, including drug sales, computer hacking, false documents creation, money laundering and conspiracy. If convicted, the rest of his life he spend in prison. He declares that is not guilty.

The Court is not going only to confirm or deny Ulbricht’s guilt, but also learn all dark places on the Internet, which will undoubtedly lead to a discussion about online safety and the jurisdiction of the authorities.

From the beginning, the case was kept in secret, due to the fact that the authorities used questionable methods too. Ulbricht’s lawyers stated that investigators from the FBI or NSA illegally gained access to servers Silk Road, located abroad.

All the matter concerns regarding privacy and surveillance authorities for users, said Ahmed Khappur, a lawyer: "How does the government got to servers in Iceland? Apparently, what they did ... is very similar to hacking."

In the autumn of 2013, the FBI arrested 29-year-old Ulbricht in the municipal library of San Francisco, where he, according to them, used the Wi-Fi, to access the admin's page. Authorities said they found ample evidence that Ulbricht founded and ran a black market value of $ 1.2 billion - some called it «Amazon for drugs» - under the pseudonym Spooky Pirate Roberts (character from the cult movie and book The Princess Bride).

Ulbricht’s mother also insists on his innocence, but "realized that this case is not only in Ross." "The result will be a precedent on which it will be possible to limit the freedom on the Internet," said the Line Ulbricht (Ross’s brother) from the family home in Austin, Texas. However, the court will not only affect individual liberties. As a result, under the blow fall any companies that provide users with a platform for commerce.