Grow up the Bitcoin tree and have a harvest!

Bitcoin received support from Coinbase

Digital currency Bitcoin received very strong support on Monday, January 26 with the opening of the first fully licensed cryptocurrency exchanges in the United States.

Exchange will be managed by the company Coinbase, which has raised more than $ 106 million. investments from the New York Stock Exchange, several banks and venture capitalists. Exchange operator says it will offer greater security trade Cryptocurrency in real time for both individuals and institutional investors.

The new exchange can bring Bitcoin the necessary legitimacy - a digital currency that is not backed by guarantees of any government or central bank. Until now, Bitcoin traded only on the unregulated "virtual markets", mainly outside the United States. Therefore, access to trade this currency to US investors was very problematic. Coinbase says that now it will change - a regulated exchange in which all funds are fully insured, offers traders the confidence that their money will not disappear.

Bitcoin enthusiasts were badly hit by the collapse of the Japanese exchanger Mt. Gox year ago, which lost about half a billion dollars of investor funds. Earlier this year, they were scared theft addition bitcoins because a security breach Slovenian bitcoin exchanger Bitstamp, which led to a week's break in his work. It is not surprising that potential investors have thus far refrained from buying bitcoins through these untrusted intermediaries, which affected the course Cryptocurrency, which fell from a peak of more than $ 1,000 for a coin in the late-2013 to less than $ 200 last week.
Perhaps now the situation has seriously changed.