Grow up the Bitcoin tree and have a harvest!

Payment mobile via Bitcoin and Litecoin

In modern society, purchases payment, refill a mobile phone with the help of online resources from home is becoming more and more popular. It is quite simple and saves our time. Besides gaining popularity payment for goods and services using Cryptocurrency, and every day stores where Bitcoin are accepted as a payment, is becoming more and more.

One of these resources allows payment mobile via Bitcoin and Litecoin. Internet project called S-BTC.COM makes it easy to top-up phone main mobile operators in Russia, and later in many other countries. Payment cellular is automatically and the funds are credited to the account instantly, in rare cases it is needed to wait no more than 10 minutes. As for the Commission, it is all different; all depends directly on the resource, but in this Internet-project draft commission refill missing. Paying for services is possible by BTC - Bitcoin and LTC- Litecoin. At the request of the owners, Cryptocurrency that is on your account are automatically converted into rubles and translated at the balance of your cell phone instantly, without waiting for confirmation of the transaction on the network. Thus, Bitcoins are converted into rubles on account of mobile phone operators.

We can say that in the near future to pay for the services with the help of Cryptocurrency will be more convenient and easier than walk to the nearest terminal to pay for goods and services. Not to mention the speed and convenience for the "lazy user." In addition to the payment of mobile operators provide services to the owners of the site instant international money transfers, Fiat and the crypt without leaving home.