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Ross Ulbricht is guilty on all counts

The founder of the Silk Road was returned a verdict of guilty on all counts!

New York Court jury on Ross Ulbricht, a trading platform Silk Road founder, ended not in favor of the defendant. The jury found Ross Ulbricht guilty on all charges: distribution of prohibited substances, extortion, drug sales, hacking and fraud.

Charges, despite all the arguments of counsel, failed to prove that Ulbricht was hiding under the pseudonym Dread Pirate Roberts. The defense insisted on innocence of the defendant to the DPR and the fact that Ulbricht retired a few months after the creation of the site Silk Road, passing the business to others.

As the messages in social networks, left present at the trial, the jury took about three hours to ponder and reach a verdict.

Preet Bharara, the public prosecutor at the trial, said after the meeting that the supposed anonymity when making illegal transactions on Silk Road will not guilty to avoid arrest and punishment. According to forecasts, Ulbricht can have life imprisonment. About what kind of punishment he will suffer, the court will announce on May 15.

Note that the marketplace Silk Road passed through a annual traffic of $ 10 thousand illegal goods worth about 14-15 million dollars in terms of 2012-2013