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Grow up the Bitcoin tree and have a harvest!

Portal rules

It is forbidden:
1. To use robots (bots).
2. To use temporary and non-existent e-mails during registration.
3. Multi- accounts (maintaining multiple accounts).
4. To use anonymous proxy.
5. To indicate implausible e-mail or purse during registration.

Portal working conditions

1. Portal works within the daily advertising budget.
2. Portal reserves the right to block the account, which has violated the rules of the portal, while the account is reset, referrals are exempt.
3. Disputes are resolved through arbitration.
4. Portal reserves the right to suspend the work if administration deems it is not cost-effective. Funds accumulated on the user’s balance are paid on registering purses, subject to the achievement 15,200 Satoshies.

Game Rules

Grow up the Bitcoin tree and have a harvest!
What do you need to begin your game?
First step is registration. You have to enter the data of your Bitcoin wallet, email address and create a password.
When you grow a tree it will give Bitcoin to you! Collect a good harvest!

How to achieve a new level?
Each time you fertilize or water your tree, your wallet gets money.
When you earn 100 000 Satoshi, you will go on the second level, the tree will bloom, and the percentage of your referrals will get 15%.
Have 200 000 Satoshi this level 3/Refer 20%! There are new leaves on your tree! Then move on to the next level.
Earn 500 000 Satoshi on this level and 4/Refer 30% the transition to the next level for your tree.
Safe 800 000 Satoshi on this level 5/Refer 40%. Now flowers appear on the tree and you are going to the last level
Have you got 1 000 000 Satoshi on this level and 6/Refer 50%? On your tree grew Bitcoins, it's time to have a harvest!

Attention! You can withdraw money whenever you want, but then you can not go to the next level